“The Frontiers of the Other: Ethics and Politics of Translation”, edited by G. Chiurazzi

Gaetano Chiurazzi (Ed.)
(Berlin-Münster: Lit Verlag, 2013)
248 pp., 29.90€, ISBN 978-3-643-90434-8

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In recent years the problem of translation has received renewed attention, but it was mostly approached from a linguistic or ontological perspective.
This book focuses on another aspect, i.e. the political and ethical implications of translation. Engaged in a debate which encompasses philosophers such as Schleiermacher, Benjamin, Ortega y Gasset, Quine, Gadamer, Derrida, Ricoeur, the contributions here presented show that translation can be considered in an ambivalent way, which has a great ethical and political significance: as an attempt to bring the other back to one’s own world or, vice versa, as an attempt to open up one’s own world and to experience different cultures. Translation is in fact, inevitably, an experience of alterity.
Gaetano Chiurazzi is Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Turin (Italy)


Gaetano Chiurazzi, Introduction

Part I – Translation as Experience of Alterity
Silvana Borutti, Traduction et expérience, traduction et connaissance
Gaetano Chiurazzi, Incommensurability and Experience of Alterity: Translation from Ontology to Economy
Ute Heidmann, «C’est par la différence que fonctionne la Relation avec un grand R». Pour une approche comparative et différentielle du traduire
Chiara Sandrin, „Siebzehn Arten von Feigen“. Name, Erfahrung, Übersetzung bei Walter Benjamin

Part II – Ethics and Politics of Translation
Caterina Resta, Jacques Derrida: poetica e politica della traduzione
Donatella Di Cesare, Per una politica del tradurre
Francisco J. Martin Cabrero, Exile and Translation. A Political Reading of José Ortega y Gasset “Miseria y esplendor de la traducción”
Alberto Martinengo, Dal conflitto alla traduzione. Metafore dell’interpretazione in Paul Ricoeur
Adriano Fabris, Ethik der übersetzerischen Beziehung

Part III – Crossing the Frontiers: The Literature
Adalberto Mainardi, “The Poet’s Mother Tongue”. Translation as Ethic of Thought
Evgenij Solonovič, Esperienza del tradurre poesia: tra possibile e impossibile
Nadia Caprioglio, Il pony di Nabokov. La traduzione inglese di Evgenij Onegin

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