International Conference “Reenchantment of the World?” | Turin, 24-25 May 2013

TURIN, 24-25 MAY 2013
International Conference “Reenchantment of the World?/Reincantamento del mondo?”
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The concept of “the disenchantment of the world” is a key expression in 20th century cultural debate. The social sciences record this complex symptomatology (e.g., the loss of traditional value-references, the triumph of non-places, etc.) on both the macroscopic and  microscopic levels, but it should be admitted that they have not been able to find a good answer to the “dark side” of the rationalization: that which pertains to its limits and to the reactive – potentially violent – responses that individuals and communities have raised. This set of phenomena revitalizes a very pressing problem for philosophy: How can we classify the different outcomes that the late modernity provides to the technification of existence? Are fundamentalism and identity strategies of exclusion the only reactions to the development of technical rationality?
The international conference “Reenchantment of the World?” aims to reframe this discussion using an original hypothesis: one which identifies in technology a second facet, still an ally of the dynamics of modernization, but clearly distinct from the process of uprooting that we have described; a dimension of technology able to articulate an 
aesthetically-imaginative environmentalization of existence.
The conference will respond to these emergencies calling into question a radically multidisciplinary approach which involves philosophy, literature and the arts, theories of new media and neuroscience.

Participants: Günter Abel, Olaf Breidbach, Gianluca Cuozzo, Marta del Pozo Ortea, Nicola De Maria, Danilo Eccher, Agustín Fernández Mallo, Maria Teresa Giaveri, Antonio Gnoli, Giovanni Leghissa, Graziano Lingua, Francisco Martin Cabrero, Maurizio Pagano, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Antonio Rava, Federico Vercellone, Angelo Vianello
Venues: Circolo dei Lettori, Via Bogino 9 (Torino); Rettorato dell’Università di Torino, Via Verdi 8 (Torino)
Organizer: Centro Studi Arti della Modernità, in a partnership with CIM | Centro Interuniversitario di ricerca sulla Morfologia “Francesco Moiso”, Centro Studi Filosofico-religiosi “Luigi Pareyson”GAM | Galleria civica d’Arte Moderna e contemporanea (Torino), Circolo dei Lettori (Torino)
Sponsors: Fondazione CRTScuola di Dottorato in Studi Umanistici (Dottorato in Filosofia), Università di Torino
Contact: Alberto Martinengo


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