Newsletter 3 | 2013


BRUXELLES, 7-8 MARCH 2013 | Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis
International colloquium “Imagination and Performativity/Imagination et performativité”

After having long been discredited by the Western philosophical tradition, the theme of imagination seems now to get or to get back an indisputable forcefulness. Many contemporary theories try to emphasize the power of the “faculty of possible” not only in the field of epistemology, or in the field of anthropology, but also in social and political theories, not to mention in philosophy of art. In this colloquium, we will be concerned by the precise point where the faculty of possible becomes power of reality, power of fulfilment and production of concrete forms.
Imagination joins here another complex notion, namely performativity which has been introduced by philosophy of language in the 20th century, but treated independently by many authors, and existing actually in numerous formulations since Antiquity. As being able to establish an autonomous reality through the simple act of language and to be impressive through speech, performativity must closely be linked to imagination, if this, however, can be considered as the power of creating forms (psychic, artistic, cultural, social, historical, etc.). Imagination is thus performative, but the results of this performance appear only in their translation through many symbolic languages. These two days of colloquium will welcome French and English speaking lecturers, without any exclusive philosophical persperpective.

Speakers: Alessandro Bertinetto, Georg Bertram, Michele Cometa, Augustin Dumont, Elio Franzini, Sergio Givone, Maud Halgelstein, Sophie Klimis, Sébastien Laoureux, Alberto Martinengo Isabelle Ost, Federico Vercellone
Organizer: Centre Prospéro (Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis), in a partnership with CIM | Centro Interuniversitario di ricerca sulla Morfologia “Francesco Moiso”
Contacts: Alessandro Bertinetto & Augustin Dumont

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TURIN, 28 FEBRUARY 2013 | Università di Torino
Seminar on “Philosophy, Politics, and Economics”
Speakers: Gaetano Chiurazzi, Graziano Lingua, Alfio Mastropaolo, Ugo Mattei, Angelo Miglietta, Ugo Perone, Angelo Pichierri, Luciana Regina, Pietro Terna, Maurizio Tirassa, Maria Grazia Turri, Federico Vercellone
Organizer: Spazio Filosofico
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MADRID, 11-12 MARCH 2013 | Universidad Autonóma de Madrid
International conference “Schiller y la Revolución”
Speakers: María del Rosario Acosta, Gabriel Aranzueque, Lucía Bodas, Luciana Cadahia, Félix Duque, Jeffrey High, Patxi Lanceros, Laura Anna Macor, Yvonne Nilges, Jacinto Rivera de Rosales, Valerio Rocco, Volker Rühle, Miguel Salmerón, Nuria Sánchez Madrid, Marcela Vélez, Federico Vercellone, José Luis Villacañas, Luis Alegre Zahonero
Organizers: Félix Duque (UAM), Valerio Rocco (UAM), Laura Anna Macor (Università di Padova)
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TURIN, 14 MARCH 2013 | Università di Torino
Conference on Litterature and Economics: “Dalla parte dell’uomo. L’economia nella letteratura e nelle scienze umane”
Speakers: Daniele Balicco, Clotilde Bertoni, Alessandro Casiccia, Alessandro Cavalli, Giuliana Ferreccio, Diego Fusaro, Luciano Gallino, Daniele Giglioli, Chiara Lombardi, Franco Marenco, Renato Rizzoli, Chiara Sandrin
Organizer: Centro Studi Arti della Modernità; Università di Torino | Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici
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TURIN, 15 MARCH 2013 | Università di Torino
Lecture on Philosophy and Eschatology, by Mario Tronti: “Vuoto antropologico e risorse escatologiche in Marx”
Organizer: Centro Studi Filosofico-religiosi “Luigi Pareyson”
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Stefano Poggi (ed.), Il realismo della ragione. Kant dai Lumi alla filosofia contemporanea (Milano-Udine: Mimesis, 2012)

EVIAN, 7-13 JULY 2013 | International Philosophy Colloquia Evian
19th Colloquium 2013 “Disagreement, Désaccord, Uneinigkeit”
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