“Beyond Deconstruction: From Hermeneutics to Reconstruction”, edited by A. Martinengo

Alberto Martinengo (ed.)
Berlin: DE GRUYTER, 2012

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Alberto Martinengo
Deconstruction at its End? Preliminary Remarks

Section I
Deconstruction and/or Reconstruction: A Philosophical Approach

Emmanuel Cattin
Leaving Philosophy? Heidegger, Bauen, Lassen

Jorge Pérez de Tudela Velasco
Waiting: The Impossible

Jean Robelin
Does It Make Sense to Speak about Deconstructing the Subject?

Graziano Lingua
Beyond the Eclipse of Reason: On the Reconstruction of Rationality

Jean-Marc Ferry
Towards a Reconstructive Critique of Historical Reason

Evelyne Grossman
Creative Delinking

Section II
The Limits of Deconstruction: The Case of Art and Literature

Timo Kaitaro
Reality under Construction: Deconstruction and Reconstruction in Surrealism

Clive Cazeaux
Deconstructing and Reconstructing Artists with PhDs

Franca Bruera
Towards a Dramaturgy of Suspicion: Theatre and Myths in 20th-century France

Giulia Boggio Marzet Tremoloso
A Methodological Comparison between a Mythocentric Approach and a Deconstructive Reading in the Interpretation of Rewritings

Maria Spiridopoulou
Translation: Theory and Praxis
Deconstruction and Reconstruction in Giacomo Leopardi

Antonella Emina
Deconstructing and Reconstructing Built-up Landscape in Post-Colonial Literature: Damas’s Poetry

Section III
The Genealogy and Legacy of Deconstruction: The Politico-Social and Juridical Point of View

Jordi Maiso
Remembrance of Nature within the Subject: Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis and the Limits of Subjection

Herman W. Siemens
The Rise of Political Agonism and its Relation to Deconstruction: The Case of Chantal Mouffe

Flavia Monceri
‘Just Tell Me Who You Are! ’: Do We Need Identity in Philosophy and the Social Sciences?

Alberto Andronico
Daydreaming: Derrida’s Contribution to the Theory of Law

János Frivaldszky
Law as Practical Knowledge: Deconstruction, Pragmatism, and the Promise of Classical Practical Philosophy

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